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Plan employees' salary revision

Updated in November- 2023 | Subscribe to watch greytHR how-to video

A salary revision planner is used by employers or human resources professionals to plan and implement salary revisions for their employees. The planner typically includes information on the current salary structure, market trends, and budgetary constraints, and helps to ensure that the salary revision process is fair, transparent, and effective.

The Revision Planner is an Integrated tool within the greytHR application for what-if analysis of salary revision. The Revision Planner page in the greytHR Admin portal helps you to create numerous salary change scenarios based on the required criteria. You can also generate and download the employee-wise reports based on the Salary Increment/Salary Deferment/Salary Cut percentage and Salary slab.

To view the Revision Planner page, click Payroll > Admin > Revision Planner.

Create Revision Planner

To create a revision planner, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Revision Planner page, click Create new analysis. A form appears.

  2. Under Step 1: Your Goal, from the Goal dropdown list, select the required option.

  3. From the CTC Salary Item dropdown list, select the required salary item.

  4. In the Goal % text box, enter the required percentage. Based on your choices, you can now view the Goal Amount, Current Salary Amount, Revised Salary Amount, and the Total Employee Count.

  5. Click Next to continue.

  6. Under Step 2: Salary Band, from the Band Frequency dropdown list, select the required slab frequency. Salary slabs appear on the table.

  7. Under the Percentage column, left-click the cells to edit the percentage as per your requirements.

  8. Based on your changes, you can view a comparison of Goal Summary, Actual Amount, and Variations.

  9. Click Finish to save the revision planner. On the Revision Planner page, you can now view the comparison of Goal Summary, Actual Amount, and Variations. You can also view the list of employees with their details such as Salary Band, Current Salary Amount, Difference, and Revised Salary Amount.


  • Click Export Excel to download the revision planner.

  • Click Close to create another revision planner.

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