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Configure access rights for DeviceDetect feature

Updated in June-2023

After enabling the DeviceDetect feature, the second step is to provide the access rights to the users. Providing access rights helps the users such as admin, employees, and super admin to follow the workflow of the feature.

The User Roles page in the greytHR Admin portal allows you to manage the access rights for the DeviceDetect feature. The page displays various types of user cards.

To view the User Roles, click the Settings icon > User Administration > User > User Roles.

Watch the video for more clarity:

⚠️ We recommend you to contact the greytHR support team before making any changes in settings.

Configure access rights for the DeviceDetect feature

To configure access rights for the DeviceDetect feature, perform the following actions:

  1. On the User Roles page, select the admin/employee/super admin user card. The card expands.

  2. Click the Edit icon on the card. A form appears.

  3. From the Category dropdown list, select DeviceDetect option. A table displays the DeviceDetect and DeviceDetect Workflow List features.

  4. In the table, select the Read Access and Write Access options using the checkbox to provide the required access for the required feature.

  5. Click Save to update the changes and provide appropriate access to the required user.

After enabling the feature and providing access rights to the users, the third step is to define the workflow policy.

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