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Split Shift - Automate and streamline the shift chaos

Updated inย November- 2023 |ย Subscribe to watch greytHR how-to video

Discover the power of split shifts! These unique work schedules divide an employee's day into separate sessions with longer breaks in between. Picture this: At a restaurant, an employee works from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, and again from 6:00 PM, peak hours began till 11:00 PM. Isn't it a hectic schedule?

Managing shift timings can be challenging in industries with demanding work conditions like construction, healthcare, manufacturing, and hospitality. Dividing your employees' shifts into two or more sessions will ensure optimum staff coverage during busy times while allowing well-deserved breaks for the employees.

With greytHR's Split Shift functionality, managing employee schedules becomes a breeze! Say goodbye to complex shift overlaps as you optimize resource usage and boost productivity. The intuitive user interface (UI) streamlines workforce management, reduces administrative burdens, and fosters a happier work environment. Embrace the future of efficient scheduling today!

Industries for whom Split Shift is most beneficial

Benefits of using greytHRโ€™s Split Shift functionality

Watch the video to understand the split shift in greytHR here:

Eager to get started? The following are the key steps to configure the split shift into your greytHR account:

  1. Admin enables split shift.

  2. Admin creates a split shift.

  3. Admin updates shift rotation policy with split shift details.

  4. Admin configures attendance policy rules for split shifts.

  5. Admin assigns attendance scheme to split shift employees.

  6. Admin views and manages split shifts.

  7. Manager views and overrides split shifts.

  8. Admin generates custom split shift report using Query Builder.

Note: We recommend you to contact our support team to enable and configure the Split Shift functionality.

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