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Meet Bella - your 24/7 personal assistant

Updated in November-2023 | Subscribe to watch greytHR how-to video

In today’s fast-paced world, influenced by ease and support, messaging is the most effective and favored way to communicate. Various businesses are welcoming digital transformation to modernize customer communication. 

Chatbots are among the most popular technology in customer contact centers to instantly manage customer requests and boost customer satisfaction. Our artificial intelligence-integrated chatbot Bella- Your Personal Assistant helps you search quicker, faster & better! No more waiting for support team's response.

Bella can provide easy information access and answers to all your greytHR-related queries. Whether it's about payroll, letters, proof of investment, or any other topic related to greytHR, you can ask Bella. Our chatbot Bella will deliver 24/7 automated customer support for you. 

Example: You want to know how to set up an automatic leave year ending in greytHR, no need to get in touch with the support team for the same. Instead, instantly message Bella: How to automate leave year end? Bella would suggest articles referring to which will help you accomplish your tasks.

Here is how Bella can help:

As an admin, you can:

  • Solve your queries.

  • Configure Bella for ESS.

Solve your queries

As an admin, you can ask queries to Bella about payroll, letters, proof of investment, or any other topic related to greytHR. To chat with Bella, perform the following actions: 

  1. On the greytHR Admin login, click Chat with Bella. A chat window appears and displays the topics.

  2. Select the required topic from the list. The Bella displays the subtopics and related articles.

  3. Select the required related article and perform the actions as per the given procedure. You can also select a sub-topic. The Bella will redirect you to the selected subtopic page in the application.

  4. Click I want to read more articles button in the chat window if you want to read more articles regarding selected topic.

  5. You can also initiate a search by typing your question or keyword in the Type Something text box. Bella initiates searching for the articles and shows you the relevant results. 

  6. Click Yes if you have found the right article. If you continue searching the articles, click No, I want to search again.

  7. Click I want to raise a ticket if you want to contact the support team. 

  8. You can give feedback by clicking Yes.

Configure Bella for ESS

Employees often experience morale while following the organization's guidelines or policies and need clarification for the same. You can configure a list of queries for the benefit of the employees in a Bella. The employees can easily type their questions in a chatbot.  The chatbot will fetch the relevant answer configured by you.
To configure the Bella chatbot for employees, perform the following steps:

  1. Enable employee chatbot option.

  2. Enable employee policy management settings.

  3. Add FAQs for the employees.

Enable employee chatbot option

To enable the employee chatbot option, perform the following actions:

  1. From your greytHR Admin login, navigate to My Account > New Features. The New Features page opens and displays the list of features.

  2. Click the Employee Chatbot feature card. The card expands.

  3. Click Enable this feature button. The Enable Feature pop-up appears.

  4. Click Confirm to enable the employee chatbot option.

Enable employee policy management settings

To enable the employee policy management settings, perform the following actions:

  1. From your greytHR Admin login, navigate to Settings icon > User Administration > User > User Roles. The User Roles page opens and displays the list of roles.

  2. Select the employee card and click the edit icon. A form appears.

  3. From the Category dropdown list, select Employee Chatbot.

  4. In the table, check the Read Access and Write Access checkbox next to Employee Policy Management.

  5. Click Save to enable the policy management settings.

Add FAQs for employees

Once you enable the employee chatbot option and employee policy management settings, you can add FAQs for the employees. To know how to add the FAQs, click here.

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