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Generate Split Shift report using Query Builder

Updated in November- 2023 | Subscribe to watch greytHR how-to video

A query builder is a tool that is designed to generate customized reports with all the data derived from the greytHR application. You can flexibly generate any number of reports with the tool. You can also view the previously built reports that you saved in the past.

The Query Builder page in the greytHR Admin portal allows you as an admin to generate a customized report with both regular and split shift details. The split shift report provides session-wise attendance details and the regular shift report generates day-wise details.

To view the Query Builder page, click Reports > Query Builder.

Generate Split Shift report using Query Builder

To generate the split shift report using Query Builder, perform the following actions: 

  1. On the Query Builder page, click the +Create Report button. A form opens. 

  2. Under the Choose Fields section, from the Available Fields dropdown list, enter and select the following categories:

    • Basic Information: This category is to add the basic employee details.

    • Attendance Info: This category is to add details such as Shift Name, Last Out Date Time Session 1, Last Out Date Time Session 2, Actual Hours, Attendance Date, Shift End Time Session 1, and Shift End Time Session 2 to your report.

      A list of fields relevant to the selected category appears.

  3. Select the required field name one by one and click ⇾ to move the selected field under the Output Fields section.
    Note: To move the selected field back under the Available Fields section, click . You can also click × against the selected field to remove the field.

  4. Click Next. The Sort Order section opens. 

  5. From the Output Fields section, select the fields one by one and click to move the selected fields.

  6. Click the or to arrange the fields as per your preferences.

  7. Click Next. The Filter Criteria section opens. 

  8. Under the Quick tab, from the Category Type dropdown list, select the required category. A list of all the relevant fields appears.

  9. Select the required category and click to move the fields to the right column.

  10. To create a custom category, click the Custom tab. You can use the custom options to create a custom filter, such as joined date, employee name, and employee number.

  11. Click Next. The Results section opens. 

  12. In the Report Title text box, enter a relevant name for the report.

  13. In the Description text box, enter a brief description of the report.

  14. From the Employee Filter dropdown list, select the required option.

  15. Select the Accessible for all user checkbox to make the report accessible for all users.

  16. Select the Select users to allow them to edit the report checkbox, if necessary. 

  17. Click Export. The reports downloads in excel format.

  18. Click Save Report to save the new report. The new report appears on the Query Builder page.

Note: You can edit the report by clicking the report name. You can also delete a report using the Delete icon available next to the report name.

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