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Configure signatories for letter templates

Updated inΒ February- 2024 |Β Subscribe to watch greytHR how-to video

Configuring signatories for letter templates refers to the process of defining and setting up the authorized individuals or positions who will sign the letters generated from the templates. It involves specifying the signatory details and ensuring that the appropriate signatories are assigned to the relevant letter templates.

The Letter Authorized Signatory page in the greytHR Admin portal allows you to configure the signatories for the letter templates. The signatories can be the manager, CEO, or director. The page also displays a list of current signatories and their status. Whenever HR shares any letter with the employee, the signature will appear on that letter.

To view the Letter Authorized Signatory page, click the Settings icon > System Settings > Letter > Letter Authorized Signatory.

You can perform the following actions on the Letter Authorized Signatory:

  1. Add authorized signatory.

  2. Edit existing signatory.

⚠️ We recommend you to contact the greytHR support team before making any changes in settings.

Add authorized signatory

To add the authorized signatory, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Letter Authorized Signatory page, click the +Add Signatory button. A form appears.

  2. In the First Name text box, enter the first name of the signatory.

  3. In the Last Name text box, enter the last name of the signatory.

  4. In the Designation text box, enter the designation of the signatory.

  5. Enable the Active check box if you want to activate the signatory.

  6. Click Upload Signature. The dialog box appears.

  7. Browse to the folder, select the file and click Open to add the signature.
    Note: The file dimension must be 220 x 45 pixels (max 2MB) and only GIF, JPG, and PNG file formats are supported

  8. Click Submit to add the authorized signatory.

Edit existing signatories

To edit the existing signatories, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Letter Authorized Signatory page, the list of signatories appears.

  2. Click the Edit icon available next to the isActive column. A form appears.

  3. Update the required changes in the form.

  4. Click Save to edit the existing signatories.
    Note: You can also delete the signatories by clicking the Delete icon next to the isActive column. If a signatory is in use in one of the templates, then you cannot delete it.

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