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Generate and publish letters

Updated on May-2023

Generating and publishing letters is crucial for an organization as they establish communication, document agreements, and provide evidence of policies and actions. They also ensure all parties understand expectations and deadlines, and enhance the organization's reputation through professional communication.

TheΒ Generate LetterΒ pageΒ in the greytHR Admin portal allows you to prepare a letter and publish it to the employees' ESS portals. You can quicklyΒ mail orΒ publishΒ the required letter to the employees each time you get a request from an employee. The page displays a list of letters you have already generated for the employees. You can view letter-related details such as Letter Template used to prepare the letter, Serial No, Prepared On date, Prepared By, and Employee Name.

You can perform the following actions on the Generate Letter page:

  1. View and download the list of letters generated.

  2. Generate and publish employee's letter.

To view theΒ Generate Letter page, click EmployeeΒ >Β AdminΒ >Β Generate Letter.

View and download the list of letters generated

To view and download the list of letters generated, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Generate letter, using the Letter Template, Employee, Publish Status, Date, and Employee Requested dropdown filters, customize the list of letters as per your requirements.

  2. Click the Download icon to download the customized list as an excel report. The report downloads in excel format.

Generate and publish employee's letter

To generate a letter, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Generate Letter page, click Prepare A Letter. A form opens.

  2. In Step 1: General section, from the Letter Template dropdown list, select an appropriate template. The Serial No. automatically displays.

  3. From the Authorized Signatory dropdown list, select the required employee.

    Note: If you cannot find the required employee, click the Edit icon to add the required employee to the dropdown list.

  4. In the Remarks text box, enter the remarks, if any.

  5. Click Next. The Step 2: Select Employees section appears.

  6. From the Generate For options, select Multiple Employees.

    Note: If you want to generate the letter for an individual employee, select the Single Employee option.

  7. From the Employee Filter dropdown list, select the required category. A list of employees appears.

    Note: Use the + icon to add a required category to the dropdown list, if required.

  8. Using the checkboxes, select the required employees.

  9. Click Next. The Step 3: Preview section appears. You can preview the letter with the digital signature.

  10. Click Finish. The page displays a summary of the generated letters.

  11. Select the employees using checkboxes for whom you want to publish the letter.

  12. Select Publish to Employee Portal and click Publish.

    Note: You can also email the letter as an attachment using the Send as an email attachment option.

  13. Click Download to download the letters for selected employees. A zip file downloads to your system.

Note: You can also download, publish, edit, and delete each generated letter using their respective icons on every row in the list.

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