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Create letter template

Updated on May-2023

A letter template is a pre-designed document that contains the formatting, structure, and content elements of a typical letter, which can be customized and used to create new letters quickly and efficiently. There can be many types of letter templates available, depending on the purpose and audience of the letter.

The Letter Template page in the greytHR Admin portal helps you to create a letter template as per your requirements. There are different types of templates available, on the page such as Address Proof Letter, Appointment Order, and Confirmation Letter. You can select the existing template or create a new one as per your requirements.Β 

The page displays the following tabs:

  • Letter Template - The tab allows you to view the previously created templates and create a new template.

  • Template Gallery - The tab allows you to view the preview of various templates.Β 

You can perform the following actions on the Letter Template page:

  1. Create a new letter template.

  2. View and create a template in template gallery.

To view the Letter Template page, click Employee > Setup > Letter Template.

Create a new letter template

To create a new letter template, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Letter Template page, click the Letter Template tab. A list of the previously created templates appears.

  2. Click the + New Letter Template button. A form appears.

  3. Under Step 1: General Information section, in the Title text box, enter the name for the letter template.

  4. Select the Enabled check box to use the letter template to generate the letter for employees.
    Note: You can also view/select enabled letter templates from Employee > Admin > Generate Letter > Prepare a letter > Select Letter Template.

  5. From the Letter Number Series dropdown list, select a required value.
    Note: If you are not able to view any value in the dropdown list, you can add the value by clicking the + icon.

  6. From the Mail Template dropdown list, choose an appropriate template.

  7. Select the Password Protection for Letter Attachments checkbox, if required.

  8. In the Custom Fields table, enter the values if you require a new field in the letter, such as an employee's CTC, grade, or location.

  9. Click Next. The Step 2: Upload Template section appears.

  10. In the Template, click Upload File. The dialog box appears.

  11. Browse to the folder, select the required template file and click Open. After the file is successfully uploaded, you can preview the uploaded letter template.

  12. Click Next. The Step 3: Workflow Setup section appears.

  13. From the Can employee request for letter? option, select Yes/No as per your requirements.

  14. Click Finish to create a new letter template. The new letter appears on the Letter Template page.

View and create a template in template gallery

The Template Gallery tab allows you to view and use various types of ready-to-use letter templates. You can also create a customized template as per your requirements.

To view and create a template in the template gallery, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Letter Template page, click the Template Gallery tab. Ready-to-use templates appear.

  2. Select the required template card and click Preview Template. The pop-up appears.

  3. Click +Add To My Templates button. The Add Letter Template pop-up appears.

  4. Click Confirm to add the selected template to your letter templates.

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