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Configure automatic cut-off date

Updated in March- 2024 | Subscribe to watch greytHR how-to video

After creating the category for the customers, to exchange the data, you must select the cut-off date. The Lock Configuration page in the greytHR Admin portal helps you, as Payroll Service Provider (PSP) to configure a cut-off date. The cut-off date helps you to set a deadline for your customers to upload the inputs. After the configuration, the system locks the category automatically on the cut-off date. The option disables your customers from adding the inputs or making changes after the cut-off date.

To view the Lock Configuration page, click DataShare Hub > Setup > Lock Configuration.

The page displays a list of categories for which you have set a cut-off date. You can perform the following actions on the Lock Configuration page:

  1. Configure the cut-off date.

  2. Edit/Delete the cut-off date.

Configure the cut-off date

To configure the cut-off date for a category, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Lock Configuration page, click Create New button. A form appears.

  2. From the Category Type dropdown list, select the Input/Output option as per your requirements.

  3. From the Category dropdown list, select the required category for which you want to set the cut-off date.
    Note: You can set the cut-off date for all categories at a time by selecting the Select All option from the Category dropdown list.

  4. From the Payroll Month dropdown list, select the required payroll month for the category.

  5. From the Cut-off Date dropdown calendar, select the required cut-off date for the selected category.

  6. Click Save to configure the cut-off date.

Note: The category is locked after the configured date is due. You can also lock the category manually. To learn how to lock the category manually, click here

Edit/Delete the cut-off date

To edit/delete a cut-off date, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Lock Configuration page, from the month dropdown list, select the required month. The table appears.

  2. Click the Edit icon available next to the Configuration Date column. A form appears.

  3. Edit the cut-off date as per your requirements.

  4. Click Save to edit the cut-off date.
    Note: To remove the automatic cut-off date from a category, click the Delete icon available next to the Configuration Date column. 

After configuring the cut-off date, customers can view and share the data inputs with you. After receiving the data inputs, you must now use the inputs to take appropriate action.

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