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Update for Customers! greytHR Prices are Changing from March 2023

After five years of unchanged prices, we rolled out new pricing plans for new customers in Jan 2023 to keep up with the rising costs of providing our clients with world-class software and services. You can check out the new plans here. We are now inviting you, our existing customer, to switch over to these new plans. 

However, as a special gesture to you as our existing customer, we are offering one more option — to retain the current plan with just a 15% overall hike to the old rates. Here, you need not migrate to the new plans.

Having said that, we believe that the best value for you lies in migrating to the new plans, which, while being priced slightly higher, also come bundled with additional features.

For both options, you will see the change reflected in your invoice for the month of March 2023 onwards, i.e., in invoices, you will receive from 31st March 2023. 

For Advance Billing Customers, This Change Will Coincide with Your Next Subscription Renewal Date

For advanced billing customers, we’ve tried to keep this change frictionless. You will see this change reflected only in invoices generated on or after 31st March 2023. That is, this change will coincide with your next subscription renewal date.

If you continue with the annual subscription, you can avail of a discount of 8.33% on the total plan. If the annual billing option doesn't work for you, you can choose to switch to monthly billing.

No Matter What You Choose, greytHR Will Continue to Deliver Value

To ensure that you get a significant amount of added value with this price change, we have added a gamut of exciting features recently (most of them at no additional cost to you), and we will continue to deliver more value over the next few quarters.

What Does This Change Mean for You?

For you, our existing customer, it will be a simple flat 15% increment on your current plan effective from 1st March 2023. This change will reflect on invoices generated on or after 31st March 2023. 

Alternatively, you can move to the new plans, which come bundled with additional features but at a slightly higher price point. This option can be accessed on the My Account page within the greytHR application by clicking on the Upgrade button.

For both options, you will see the price change reflected in your invoices generated on and after 31st March 2023. 

Note: PMS and Recruitment add-on prices remain unchanged.

Are you using greytHR’s Super Plan? Click here for a detailed comparison between your current Super Plan and the equivalent new plan - Growth.

You Stand to Gain 

Basis your feedback, we have added several features, modules, upgrades, and resources to the greytHR ecosystem over the last couple of years, surpassing the cost impact of this price hike by far. A list of key features added recently can be found below. Most of these are available in your current subscription at no additional cost.

Free Features & Upgrades added in the last year+

Strengthened Security & Data Privacy

  • ISO 27001:2013 Certified

  • GDPR-Ready

  • SOC 2 Compliant

Other Value-Adds & Resources

  • greytHR Academy - only academy offering courses for HR & Payroll in India

  • greytribe - free membership to a nationwide online HR community

  • greytHR Resource Library - free blogs, guides & templates for all things HR

  • Parichay - free expert webinars on trending HR and compliance topics

  • greytFM - free podcasts by HR experts on trending HR topics

  • Free product training sessions

This Price Hike Helps Us Meet Our Costs Better

Balanced Prices, Sustained Quality

Our focus on delivering high-quality software, which is being continuously enhanced with new modules and features, has also meant rising costs over the years. We have tried our best not to pass on this cost to our customers. 

After five years of unchanged prices, however, rising inflation and dollar prices have together meant a steep increase in costs (operations, remunerations, software costs), making this price hike unavoidable at this point. Hence, this moderate increase in prices helps us to stay sustainable and revitalize our commitment to continued innovation and product excellence. 

We are Here to Help You Manage This Transition

We understand that you would like to see specific details about how this price change impacts you as per your current plan and headcount. Please visit the My Account page on the greytHR application for this information.

For help with any queries or concerns you may have, simply reach out to the greytHR support desk by raising a support ticket (select Price Revision as the Query Category).

Thank You for Choosing greytHR

As our customer, your support has been foundational to greytHR’s success over the years. We look forward to your continued support through this journey. Thank you!

Got questions? 

Check out the answers to common queries here.

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