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Integrate Skills2Talent PMS with greytHR HRIS

Updated in February- 2024 | Subscribe to watch greytHR how-to video

Skills2Talent™ is a suitable player since 2013 in the people performance management domain and offers different PMS (Performance Management System) products. This uniquely differentiated products portfolio includes SMB PMS, enterprise PMS and OKR PMS (OKR Stars™).

Skills2Talent™  & OKR Stars™ Software as a Service (SaaS) are the first of their kind in the market, which offers segment-wise focused exclusive PMS products that match the best product fit for HR admins, management, and employees. These products are designed and developed using segment-wise UX/UI (user experience) and use cases. All the PMS products are integrated with greytHR SaaS using REST API technology for HRIS data synchronization and SAML for SSO (Single Sign-on).

The following are the different SaaS:

  • SMB Performance Management System

  • Enterprise Performance Management System

  • Objective and Key Results Performance Management System (OKR Stars™)

  • Timesheet Management

  • Project Resource Management

  • Employee Survey 

  • Competency Management

  • Training Management System (L&D)

  • Quiz, Online Assessment & Test  

Skills2Talent™  & OKR Stars™ SaaS are integrated with popular business applications for remote collaboration CFR (Conversations, Feedback, and Recognition) (Microsoft Teams, Slack) and thus help to solve all the Talent Management problems. In addition, there are other SSO integrations using Slack account, Azure Active Directory Connect / Microsoft account, and G Suite Google account.

Concepts to understand the integration process:

The PMS integration uses the SSO (Single Sign On) method for the authentication process. It also uses the SAML configuration for exchanging authentication & authorization data between PMS and greytHR domains. 

Steps required to initiate the integration:

  1. Exchange greytHR URL, IDP Metadata, and API keys.

  2. Configure SAML Metadata.

  3. Enable PMS link in Quick Links section in ESS.

Exchange greytHR URL, IDP Metadata, and API keys

To initialize the PMS integration, the greytHR admin must perform the following steps to provide the required information to the PMS team:

  1. Enable SAML configuration.

  2. Configure IDP metadata.

  3. Generate API keys.

Enable SAML configuration 

To enable the SAML configuration from your greytHR Admin portal, click the Settings icon > My Account > New Features. The New Features page opens.

To enable the SAML configuration, perform the following actions:

  1. On the New Features page, from the list of features, select the SAML Configuration checkbox to enable the same. 

  2. Click the Power icon available next to the Settings icon to log off from your account.

  3. Login again with your credentials. Now the SAML configuration is available for your account.

Configure IDP Metadata

To configure IDP metadata from your greytHR Admin portal, navigate to the Settings icon > User Administration > SAML Configuration > Configure IDP Metadata. The Configure IDP Metadata page opens.

To configure the IDP metadata, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Configure IDP Metadata page, copy and paste the content into Notepad or a Word document.

  2. Share it with the PMS team.  

Generate the API keys of greytHR

To generate the API keys, navigate to the Settings icon > My Account > API Users

  1. On the API Users page, click Create API User. The Add API user pop-up appears.

  2. In the User Name textbox, enter the required username. In the Description textbox, enter the required description.

  3. From the Select Roles list of options, select the required roles.

  4. Click Next. The username and password appear.

  5. Click the Copy icon available on the User Name and Password text boxes. 

  6. Share the copied username and password with the PMS team.

Configure SAML Metadata 

Once you share the required details of the greytHR domain, you must configure the SAML metadata of the PMS team. To configure the SAML metadata of the PMS domain, perform the following actions:

  1. Collect the required metadata from the PMS team to initiate the process.

  2. From your greytHR Admin portal, navigate to the Settings icon > User Administration > SAML Configuration > Sample SP Metadata.

  3. On the SAML SP Metadata page, click the icon. The Enter Metadata card appears.

  4. Click the icon on the card. The card expands.

  5. Enter the metadata shared by the PMS team. 

  6. Click Submit to complete the configuration.

Enable PMS link in Quick Links section

Once you complete the configuration, you must request the greytHR DevOps team to enable the PMS link in the Quick Links section in the employees’ portal.

To enable the PMS link, perform the following actions:

  1. Create a JIRA ticket to the DevOps team with the following information:

  • Endpoint received from PMS team.

  • Customized name for the PMS link.

Once the DevOps team enables the link, the employees can access the PMS portal from the greytHR ESS portal.

⚠️ We recommend you to contact the greytHR support team before making any changes in settings.

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