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Setting up office locations

Updated in November- 2023 | Subscribe to watch greytHR how-to video

Setting up office locations refers to the process of configuring the geographical locations or physical addresses of different office branches or locations within a payroll software system.

When setting up office locations, you input the specific details of each office or branch where your organization operates. This information typically includes the name of the office, its address, contact details, and any other relevant information.

The Setup Guide page in the greytHR Admin portal allows you to define the coordinates of your office location. The employees can then mark attendance from their mobile devices when they are within the coordinates defined by you. 

To view the Setup Guide page, click System Settings > Attendance > Setup Guide.

⚠️ We recommend you to contact the greytHR support team before making any changes in settings.

You can perform the following actions on the Setup Guide page:

  1. Define office coordinates.

  2. Create new employee filter.

  3. Define employees’ attendance marking mode.

  4. Invite employees to use the greytHR mobile application. 

Define office coordinates

To define office coordinates, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Setup Guide page, click the Define location for employees to mark attendance section. A form appears.

  2. Download the Office Locator app from the respective app stores as per your requirements.

  3. Capture the coordinates of the office location within which you want employees to mark their attendance.
    Note: The following details guide you in using the Office Locator app:

    1. The red balloon on the map denotes your current location. The latitude and longitude are also displayed.

    2. Type the radius in the text box provided.

    3. With your current location as the center and the radius you define, the circumference is defined (within which employees can mark their attendance). The circumference appears as a blue circle on the map. You can adjust the radius accordingly to modify the circumference further.

  4. Click the Generate Access Code button. The SMS the generated key dialog box appears and displays the unique access code.

  5. From the Employee dropdown list, select the required employee. The registered mobile number of the selected employee auto-populates.
    Note: If the registered mobile for an employee is unavailable, add the mobile number from the Employee Information page.

  6. Click Send SMS. An SMS with the access code is sent to the selected employee.

  7. On the Office Location Details screen in your mobile app, in the Access Code text box, enter the ten-digit access code that you received on your registered mobile number. 

  8. In the Location Name text box, enter the relevant location- for example - Bangalore office.

  9. Tap Submit Location

  10. The location appears on the Setup Guide page in a tabular format. 

  11. Under the Employee Filter column, double-click the cell to add the required employee filter. The Select Employee Filter pop-up appears.
    Note: This option allows you to make sure that the selected employee category marks their attendance only from the assigned work location.

  12. From the Employee Filter dropdown list, select the required filter you want to restrict from marking attendance from the configured location.
    Note: You can add a new employee filter by clicking the Add Employee Filer +  icon. 

  13. Click Save to update the changes. The Save Changes pop-up appears.

  14. Click Confirm to add the employees.

  15. Click the Active/Inactive options under the Actions column to activate/deactivate the location as per your requirements.

Create new employee filter

To create a new employee filter, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Setup Guide page, click Define location to allow employees to mark attendance cards. The table appears.

  2. Click Add Employee Filter + button. The Employee Filter pop-up appears.

  3. In the filter title text box, enter a name for the filter you are creating.

  4. Select the Shared Filter checkbox, if applicable.
    Note: The filter will only appear in the dropdown list if this option is checked.

  5. Under the Quick tab, in the Category Type dropdown list, select the required category. The selected filter category data displays in the table.

  6. Select the data from the table and click the right arrow to save the selection. You can make multiple selections. 

  7. From the Employee Type options, select the required option.

  8. From the Employee Status dropdown list, select the required status of the employees.

  9. Click Save Changes to create a new filter.

Note: You can further customize the filters using the Custom tab.

Define employees’ attendance marking mode

To define the employees’ attendance marking mode, perform the following actions: 

  1. On the Setup Guide page, click the Allow employees to manually mark attendance section. The card expands and displays Enable/Disable from the below option.

  2. Under the Enable/Disable from the below option, enable/disable the Manual Sign In option as per your requirements. 

Invite employees to use the greytHR mobile application

Only employees who use the greytHR mobile app can use this feature to mark their attendance. Hence, you must invite the employees who are yet to start using the greytHR mobile app. To invite the employees to use the greytHR mobile app, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Setup Guide page, click the Invite employees who do not have the mobile app installed section. A list of employees appears.

  2. Select the employees using the checkboxes for whom you want to send the invitation.

  3. Click Invite to invite the employees to use the greytHR mobile application.
    Note: You can view a preview of the SMS on the right side of the page. 

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