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Enhance employee experience and streamline workflows with Unite by greytHR

Updated in November- 2023 | Subscribe to watch greytHR how-to video

Introducing Unite by greytHR - a powerful suite of third-party products and services designed to benefit both organizations and employees With Unite, employees can enjoy a range of perks, including automated insurance and background verification workflows, access to lending apps and salary advances, and an enhanced overall experience.

Additionally, the feature opens up access to a vast network of trusted service providers from diverse industries, making it easier than ever to connect and track their progress with complete transparency.

The Unite by greytHR page in the greytHR Admin portal provides you with a collection of dependable third-party offerings that have been selected with our customers' needs in mind.

To view the Unite by greytHR page, click Unite by greytHR.

Benefits of Unite:

  • Automate insurance and background verification workflows from the greytHR platform.

  • Employees can access salary advances and lending apps enabled by the organization.

  • Improve your employee experience.

  • Automate the tasks and processes.

  • Optimize lending, insurance management, and Background Verification (BGV) workflows.

Let us take a walk-through to understand the step-by-step process:

Register Unite by greytHR feature

As an admin, you must first complete the registration of Unite by greytHR feature. 

To register for the Unite by greytHR feature, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Unite by greytHR page, click the Register for Free button. The Agreement pop-up appears.
    Note: You can view the button only if he has not registered for the feature and is visiting the page for the first time.

  2. Select Yes, I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy and Yes, I hereby consent to share my data for the purpose as mentioned in the Terms & Conditions options.

  3. Click I Agree to register the Unite by greytHR feature. 

Note: Once the feature is registered, you can view the various applications integrated with Repute Marketplace.

You can perform the following actions on the Unite by greytHR page:

  1. Browse different applications. 

  2. Enable application.

  3. Disable application.

Browse different applications

You can filter and browse for various applications on the Unite by greytHR page.
Alternatively, you can also use the Search box to search for the required application.

To filter the applications, perform the following actions: 

  1. On the Unite by greytHR page, click the Filter icon. The Apply Filters pop-up appears.

  2. Click the required filter as per your requirements. The filters explain the following functionality:

    1. Enabled Apps: This option displays all the applications that you enabled earlier and is already in use. 

    2. Disabled Apps: This option displays all the applications that are yet to be enabled in the future. 

    3. Pending Approval Apps: This option indicates that your registration for a particular application is getting reviewed and will be approved soon.

  3. Click Apply. All the applications selected as per the filter appear. 

Enable application

To enable an application, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Unite by greytHR page, from the Categories list, click the required category. For example - Corporate Insurance. All the application cards related to the selected category appear.

  2. Click the Disabled option on the required application card-for example - elephant application. A registration form appears and displays basic information about the application.

  3. Click Proceed to proceed further with the registration. The Electronic Consent Form to share Customer / Employee Information with third-party service provider form appears.
    Note: You can also click Maybe Later if you want to continue the process in the future.

  4. Fill/review the required information.
    Note: The information requested by the company differs for every application. Make sure to provide the right information to avoid any discrepancies in the registration process. 

  5. Click Accept & Proceed to complete the registration.

Note: Once you enable an employee-related application, the employees can view the registered application in their ESS portals.

Disable application

To disable an application, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Unite by greytHR page, select the required application that you want to disable. The selected application page opens.

  2. Select the Settings option available under the Hamburger icon available on the right side of the page. The page displays the Company Profile and Access Control tab.

  3. Under the Access Control tab, in the Disable App section, click Disable App and Revoke Access for All (Including Admins) option. This will revoke all permissions and disable the app. Are you sure? pop-up appears.

  4. Click Yes to disable the application.

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