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Automate Journal Vouchers with greytHR's Tally Integration workflow

Updated in February- 2024 | Subscribe to watch greytHR how-to video

Tally software is an accounting software where a company can record and store all its everyday financial transactions using digital ledgers. A Payroll JV (Journal Voucher) is one of the important document types a company is required to create in order to complete the process.

A Payroll JV is a single file in accounting that contains detailed information about payroll-related financial transactions for a specific month. This includes details like employee salaries, conveyance expenses, employer's PF contributions, statutory charges, and loans. 

Currently, greytHR users generate the Payroll JV report, and the accounts team manually enters the data into Tally using vouchers. After which, the salaries are released. This process experiences manual entry problems, inaccuracies, and complications arising from data sharing via emails, along with inconsistent naming conventions between greytHR and Tally software.

The greytHR-Tally Integration feature enhances and simplifies the process. With this integration, greytHR offers an add-on for Tally that can directly connect greytHR to Tally. This automates the transfer of the Payroll JV from greytHR to Tally without any manual intervention.

Benefits of integrating greytHR with the Tally application:

Let us learn better by watching the greytHR-Tally Integration video:

Now that we have a basic understanding of the meaning and benefits of the integration, let us look into the steps to complete the configuration. 

  1. Generate API credentials in the greytHR application.
    Note: The configuration of access rights for API users and generation of API credentials are done by the greytHR’s Implementation team.

  2. Integrate greytHR with Tally, configure API, and extract Payroll JV.

    1. Integrate greytHR with Tally application.

    2. Configure API credentials.

    3. Extract Payroll JV for a month.

    4. View and download JV entries from Tally.

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