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Monitor employees’ workflow requests

Updated in November- 2023 | Subscribe to watch greytHR how-to video

Monitoring employees' regularization requests means keeping track and overseeing the requests made by employees to regularize or adjust their records. This typically involves reviewing and evaluating the reasons provided by employees for their requests, verifying supporting documentation if required, and making a decision on whether to approve or deny the request based on company policies and guidelines. The purpose of monitoring these requests is to ensure fairness and consistency in managing records and to address any discrepancies or exceptions appropriately.

The Workflow Monitor section in the greytHR Admin portal helps you to monitor the employees' workflow requests. The page displays the list of regularization applications pending for action. Each application card displays the number of days and the reviewer's name with whom the application is pending. 

If the workflow reviewer is unavailable, you can take action on the regularization requests on behalf of a reviewer. The page also provides you with the option to download the regularization report.

To view the pages, click Workflow > Monitor.

You can view the following pages under the Track section:

  • Attendance Regularization

  • Permission

  • Overtime

  • Leave Encashment

  • Reimbursement Claim 

  • Claims

  • Letter Requests

  • Leave

  • Leave Comp Off

  • Leave Cancel

  • Help Desk

  • Restricted Holiday Leave

  • Resignation

  • Confirmation

  • Loan

You can perform the following actions on the Attendance Regularization page:

  1. Monitor workflow requests of the employees.

  2. Download the workflow report.

Monitor workflow requests of the employees

To monitor the workflow requests, perform the following actions:

  1. Under the Monitor section, select the required page. The page displays the list of application requests.

  2. Click the required application. The application displays Employee Name, DOJ, Employee No, and Email. You can also view the workflow requests for each date.

Download the workflow report

To download the workflow report, perform the following actions:

  • On the required Monitor page, click the Export Excel button to download the workflow report.

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