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Override employees’ weekends

Updated on May-2023

Overriding employees' weekends typically refers to adjusting or changing their scheduled days off from the regular weekends (Saturday and Sunday) to different days of the week. This may be necessary in situations where business needs, operational requirements, or individual circumstances require employees to work on weekends or have days off during the week.

The Weekend Override page in the greytHR Admin portal helps you to override weekends for your employees. The page allows you to change the weekly off into a working day, but not vice-versa. 

You can use the Weekend Override page if you have access to the greytHR Leave module. Having access to the Attendance module is not required. The page displays the list of overridden Leave Schemes along with the details such as, Leave Type, Date, Session, Reason, and Created On in a tabular form. 

To view the Weekend Override page, click Leave > Setup > Weekend Override.

Override the weekends for employees

To override the employees’ weekends, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Weekend Override page, click Add. A form appears.

  2. From the Leave Scheme dropdown list, select the required scheme. If you select the leave scheme as Default, then weekly off is applicable to all leave schemes. If you select a particular scheme, the weekend is overridden for the selected scheme.

  3. From the Leave Type dropdown list, select the leave type. The Default option allows the employees to apply for any type of leave from the list. If you select a particular leave type, the employees can apply for only that particular leave type.

  4. From the Date dropdown calendar, select the required date.

  5. From the From Session and To Session dropdown lists, select the relevant sessions.

  6. In the Reason text box, enter the reason for overriding the weekend.

  7. Click Save to override the weekend. 


  • If you select the leave type as sick leave, and the employee does not have the sick leave balance, the employee will incur a loss of pay.

  • You can delete an override using the Delete icon available on the required record.

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