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View an individual employee’s attendance information

Updated in February-2024 | Subscribe to watch greytHR how-to video

Viewing an individual employee's attendance details means being able to check and review the specific attendance information of a single employee using a time and attendance system or software. This includes the employee's clock-in and clock-out time and other relevant attendance records.

The Attendance Info page in the greytHR Admin portal allows you to view the processed attendance data of an employee. The page displays the selected employee’s swipes, permission details, overtime, regular shifts, split shifts, shift history, scheme info, and summary. 

To view the Attendance Info page, click Leave > Information > Attendance Info.

View and re-assign employee’s shift

To view and re-assign an employee’s shift, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Attendance Info page, from the Search by name or ID search box, search for the employee's name or employee ID, whose attendance information you want to view. The page displays insight cards for AVG. WORK HRS, AVG. ACTUAL WORK HRS, and PENALTY DAYS for the selected employee. To view more insight cards, click +INSIGHTS. Insights for attendance period pop-up appears and displays complete information as text and chart.

  2. Next to Legend, select the Calendar view.

    1. The Calendar view displays the attendance details for a specific month in the form of a calendar. The dates display information using color codes. You can view the Legends available at the bottom of the page to understand the color codes.

    2. In the Calendar view, you can view the following information cards:

      1. Shift and Scheme Details: The card displays the Date, Shift name, and Attendance scheme for the selected employee. You can override the shift name and scheme details using the Edit icon.

        1. Change Shift/Day Type: Click the Edit icon available next to Shift Name. The Change Shift pop-up appears. From the Shift Type dropdown list, select General/Split Shift. From the Day Type dropdown list, select a relevant option and override the information. Click Save. Pop-up closes.


          1. The Split Shift type will be available only if your admin has enabled the Split Shift option.

          2. You can either change the Shift Type or the Day type or a combination of both.

        2. Change Scheme: Click the Edit icon available next to the Scheme Name. The Change Scheme pop-up appears. Using the Effective Date dropdown calendar, select the required start date for the assigned Scheme Name. Click Save. You can also view a table with details of Previously Assigned Schemes.

        3. You can also view the Processed on information with various fields such as First In, Last Out, Total Work Hrs, and more. These fields can be configured on the Attendance Options page.

      2. Status Details: The card displays the Status and Remarks of the selected employee's attendance.

      3. Session Details: The card displays the employee's recorded Session Timing, First InLast Out, Late In hrs, and Early Out hrs.

      4. Overtime Info: The card displays the overtime information of the employee, if any.

      5. Permission Info: The card displays the permission requests by the employee and its associated information such as Approved status, Applied status, permission Type, and more.

      6. Swipes: The card displays the employee's recorded swipe details for a selected date such as Swipe Time and Location. You can also click Info to view the detailed information.

        Note: You can view the In/Out information only if the option is configured from the Attendance Options settings page. You can also select a date in the calendar to view the swipe details of the selected date by using the scroll bar.

  3. Next to Legend, select the Table view.

  4. The Table view displays the attendance details for a specific month in the form of a table. It displays information such as First In, Last Out, total Work Hrs, total Actual Hrs, Status of presence, Permission details, Overtime information, and more.

  5. From the Select date range dropdown calendar, select the required date range. You can select a date within a range of up to 365 days. You can perform the following actions for the selected range.

    1. Swipe Details: In the table, under the Swipe Details column, on any date row, click Info. The Swipe Details pop-up appears and displays the swipes for both session 1 and session 2. Click Close. The pop-up closes.

    2. Permission Details: In the table, under the Permission Details column, on any date row, click Info. The Permission Details pop-up appears and displays the permission details for the selected date range. Click Close. The pop-up closes.

Note: The Table view allows you to easily copy and paste the selected information into Excel.

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