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View and download employee's reimbursement statement

Updated inย November- 2023 |ย Subscribe to watch greytHR how-to video

An employee's reimbursement statement is necessary for documenting expenses incurred by the employee while conducting business on behalf of the organization. It provides a record of the expenses, including receipts and invoices, and helps to ensure that expenses are properly authorized and in compliance with company policy. The statement can also aid in accurately tracking, analyzing, and reimbursing expenses.

The Reimbursement Statement page in your greytHR Admin portal helps you to view all the reimbursement transactions of an employee. The page displays the various types of reimbursement cards. Each card type on the page displays the various claims employees have made and their balance amount.

To view the Reimbursement Statement page, click Payroll > Published Info > Reimbursement Statement.

View an employeeโ€™s reimbursement statement

To view an employeeโ€™s reimbursement statement, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Reimbursement Statement page, from the Search Employee search box, search for the employee whose reimbursement statement you want to view. The page displays different types of reimbursement cards.

  2. Select the required card type and click the Details button. The card expands and displays the details of the claim type, such as Opening Balance, Entitlement, Claims Paid, Claims Approved, Claims Pending, and Closing Balance.

  3. Under the Claims tab, from the dropdown list, select the status such as On Hold/Approved/Rejected/Withdrawn as per your requirements. The card displays all the claims that the selected employee has made. You can view the details such as Claim No, Claim Date, Claim Amount, and Proof Status for each claim.

    You can click the Payout tab to view the actual amount paid to the selected employee against each claim.

Note: The Claims tab under the selected card type displays all the claims an employee applies. The Payout tab displays the actual amount paid to an employee of the approved claim.

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