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Process employeesโ€™ payroll

Payroll processing is a single-click activity that computes all salary components, such as earnings, deductions, loss of pay, reimbursements, arrears, settlements, and statutory components (PF, ESI, PT, Income Tax).

The Payroll Process page in the greytHR Admin portal helps you to process the payroll with a single click. The page displays the payroll process log. You can process the payroll multiple times in a month by changing the inputs until the payroll is locked. After payroll processing is complete, you can start the verification and payout process.ย 

You can perform the following actions on the Payroll Process page.

  1. Process payroll of the employees.

  2. Quick payroll processing.

To view the Payroll Process page, click Payroll > Process > Payroll Process.

Process payroll of the employees

You must use the checklist available on the Payroll Process page to ensure all pre-process activities such as locking the previous payroll, employee addition, attrition, salary increments, and one-time payments are complete before processing the payroll.

To process the payroll after completing the checklist, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Payroll Process page, click the Process Payroll button.

  2. Under the Checklist, select the tasks using the checkbox. Ensure to move all the Checklist items to Completed Tasks.

  3. Click Process Payroll to process the payroll for all the employees in the organization.

Note: Depending on the number of employees in the organization, the time required to process payroll may vary.

Quick payroll processing

The quick salary process helps you to process all employee salaries instantly without any checklist. To process the payroll quickly, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Payroll Process page, click the Quick Process button. The success message appears.

Note: After completing the payroll process, you can validate the payroll. To validate the payroll, click View Salary Statement.

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