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View and download overtime register

Updated inΒ February- 2024 |Β Subscribe to watch greytHR how-to video

The number of extra hours employees work after the shift ends is known as overtime (OT). An overtime register is a document that tracks the overtime hours worked by employees. This register is typically maintained by the HR or payroll department, and it contains important information related to the calculation and payment of overtime wages. The purpose of an overtime register is to ensure that overtime hours worked by employees are accurately recorded and compensated in accordance with company policies and applicable laws and regulations.

The Overtime Register page in the greytHR Admin portal helps you to view the complete information related to overtime, such as the total number of OT hours done for the selected month, total OT hours paid, and the total number of arrears & reversals. You can view a list of all the employees who have done overtime. You can view different types of overtime like regular, arrear, or reversal OT.Β 

The Overtime Register page also enables you to reprocess OT payout in case there are salary revisions. It also allows you to download the overtime register for sharing it with government bodies for statutory purposes.Β 

To view the Overtime Register page, click Payroll > Payroll Inputs > Overtime Register.

Types of Overtime

  • Regular Overtime: If an overtime date is within the current payroll period, it is considered Regular Overtime.

  • Arrear Overtime: If an unpaid or partially paid overtime hour is from an already processed payroll date, it is called Arrear Overtime.
    Let us understand this with the help of an example. An employee works for extra 3 hours in April, and the current month is June. But the admin has already paid for an additional 1 hour done in April in May. Now the admin needs to pay for the remaining 2 hours of April in the current month. The amount paid for 2 hours in the current month is the Arrear Overtime.

  • Reversal Overtime: Suppose you already paid some amount to an employee for hours of OT he did in the previous month. And now, the defined OT hours are reduced for the month. In such a case, you must reverse the OT amount as a deduction.

You can perform the following actions on the Overtime Register page:

  1. View the overtime register.

  2. Download overtime register for all the employees.

  3. View and download overtime details for individual employees.

  4. Reprocess the overtime payments.

View the overtime register

The Overtime Register page is an empty screen with no visible data. Kindly note that you must lock the payroll for the required month to view the overtime hours data. Every time you consider additional employees for overtime, you must lock payroll.Β 

To lock payroll, perform the following actions:

  1. Navigate to Payroll > Main > Overview. The Overview page opens.

  2. From the Month dropdown list, select the required month.

  3. Next to the Payroll Inputs option, click Lock.

After you have locked payroll, you can view the following information on the Overtime Register page:

  • Metrics

    • Total OT Hours: Total OT Hours is a sum of the Arrears, Reversal, and Regular Overtime hours for all the employees for the selected payroll month.

    • Total OT Paid/Payable: The Total OT Paid is the total amount paid for the entire payroll month. If you have not released the employee payslip, it is visible as Total OT Payable.

    • Total OT Arrears: The arrear amount that you will pay in the current payroll month is called Total OT Arrears.

    • Total OT Reversals: Total OT Reversals is the reversal amount you will deduct in the current payroll month.

  • Employee details
    After locking the payroll for the selected month, a list of employees appears on the Overtime Register page. The list contains the following information:

    • Employee: This column displays a list of names and IDs of all employees considered for overtime payout.Β 

    • Gender: The overtime payout is different for different gender depending on the statutory guidelines. Hence, the gender of the employees is available in this column.

    • Total OT Days: This column displays each employee's overtime hours for the selected payroll month.

    • Total OT Hours: This column displays the overtime hours paid for each employee for the selected payroll month.

    • Total OT Earnings: Earnings are the amount payable/paid to the employee for overtime hours. Total OT Earnings = Total OT Hours(HH: MM) * Overtime Pay-Rate Calculator per hour (defined in overtime policy payout settings).

    • Details: This column contains individual links for more details for each employee.

Download overtime register for all the employeesΒ 

You can download and share the details from the Overtime Register page. This report includes complete overtime details of all the employees for the required month. To download the overtime register for all the employees, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Overtime Register page, from the Month dropdown list, select the required month. A list of employees appears.

  2. Click the Download icon available on the list. The register downloads in Excel format.

View and download individual employee’s overtime register

On the overtime register details page, you can view the dates on which the employee has done overtime, actual eligible overtime hours, actual considered hours by the OT admin on the OT Finalization page, wage rate/hrs. in Rs, earnings to the employee from overtime, description of OT, whether it is arrear, reversal, or regular OT, the date when the payroll is processed, and policy assigned to the employee.

You can view and download all the details for individual employees from this page. The report includes complete overtime details of an employee for all the months. To view and download the register for a particular employee, perform the following actions:Β 

  1. On the Overtime Register page, from the Month dropdown list, select the month for which you want to view the overtime register. The page displays a list of the employees.

  2. Select the required employee row in the table and click the β†’ arrow available under the Details column. The page categorized the employee details into the following categories:

    1. Current Month OT

    2. Previous Month (Arrears & Reversals)

Reprocess the overtime payments

OT Reprocess is a smooth automated process. This option is enabled only when there is a change in overtime payout rates or salary revisions. In such a case, the system will alert the admin with the following error message:

Wages have changed for the employees. Reprocess again. Download report.

You can download the error report containing the information of the employees who are affected by the wage rate change. Admin can then reprocess the overtime payout as per the new calculation. To reprocess the overtime payouts, perform the following actions:

  • On the Overtime Register page, click OT Reprocess. A success message appears.

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