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Rehire former employee as a new employee

Updated inย February- 2024 |ย Subscribe to watch greytHR how-to video

When rehiring a former employee, it's important to watch out for duplicate entries of their identity information. Duplicate entries can cause problems like incorrect data, wasting resources, security risks, and compliance issues. It's crucial to have a process in place to identify and remove these duplicates to avoid such problems.

The RehireCheck feature in the Add Employee page enables you to compare key identifiers, such as employee name, social security number, or employee ID, for new records with existing records in the system. This avoids creating multiple records for the same employee and errors in payroll processing and other HR-related tasks.

To view theย Add Employeeย page, clickย Employeeย >ย Mainย >ย Employee Directory page > Add Employee button.ย 

Add former employee as new employee

The RehireCheck feature is enabled by default in your account. If you cannot find it, you can enable the feature. Also, before adding a former employee as a new employee, you must remove the employeeโ€™s separation details. After enabling the feature and removing the earlier separation details, perform the following actions to add the former employee as a new one.

  1. From the greytHR Admin login, click Employeeย >ย Mainย >ย Employee Directory page > Add Employee button.ย Alternatively, you can also navigate to Search Actions > search "Add Employee". A form appears.

  2. Under Step 1: Rehire Check, enter the Name, Date Of Birth, Aadhaar Number, and PAN Number in their respective fields.
    Note: For the default accounts, only the Aadhaar Number field will be visible.ย 

  3. Click Check to check for any duplicate entries. A list of employee records matching with given details appears.
    Note: The employee records include both exited and active employees.ย 

  4. Click the > arrow on the relevant employee card to view the joining/exit details of the employee. The Rehire Check pop-up appears.ย 

  5. Click View Details to view the complete off-boarding details of the exited employee. For active employees, The View Details option will take you to the employee profile.

  6. After checking all the required information, select the radio button on the exited employee card.ย 
    Note: By selecting the employee, you can continue adding the details of the employee.ย 

  7. Click Next. Step 2: Basic Information section form appears with the prefilled information of the resigned employee.
    Note: On opting to copy the details of the exited employee, only fixed information and supporting documents will be copied.

  8. Enter the basic details of the employee, such as Employee Number Series, Employee No, Reporting Manager, Date Of Joining, and Emergency Contact Number. We recommend you fill in as many details as possible.
    Note: If you incorrectly enter an Aadhaar number that matches an existing employee's number, the system will not accept it.

  9. Select Allow the employee to fill in their information check box to allow the employee to fill in their information during onboarding.

  10. Click Employee Onboarding Policy. The link redirects you to the Employee Information Settings page. The page enables you to make changes to the employee onboarding form.

  11. Click Next. Step 3: Employee Position form opens.

  12. Enter the employee details such as Designation, Department, Grade, Location, and Attendance Scheme.

  13. Click Next. Step 4: PF, ESI & LWF form opens.

  14. Enter employee details such as PAN Number, PF Number, and UAN Number.ย 

  15. Select an appropriate PF Excess Contribution option.

  16. Click Next. Step 5: Payment Mode form opens.

  17. From the Payment Type dropdown list, select the mode of payment.
    Note: If you select the option Bank Transfer/Demand Draft, you must enter the additional details such as Bank Name, Bank Branch, DD Payable At, and Account Number.ย ย 

  18. Click Finish to complete the process of adding a new employee. A page appears which displays the summary of details of the new employee.

    1. If you click Cancel, you can lose the unsaved changes.

    2. The View Profile button redirects you to the Employee Profile page. The page allows you to add more details to the employeeโ€™s profile.

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