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Extract employee information with Analytics hub

Updated on May-2023

Meet Analytics Hub! A go-to solution for meeting your employee information, data analytics, and reporting needs. It’s a centralized data analytics feature that helps you to finish the work faster. This feature allows you to analyze and extract data as per your requirements.Β 

The Analytics Hub page in the greytHR Admin portal helps you to view the employees' information. You can customize the information you want to view, group the data, create pivot tables, export reports using the different filters and categories, and much more. You can also use this page to add an employee.

How Analytics Hub makes your work easy:Β 

  • Templates: The vast list of templates allows you to gather data in seconds. You can further customize each template to suit your requirements.Β Β 

  • Search box: Using the search box, you can view the employee information based on any criteria. You can search not only using employee ID and name but an unlimited number of options such as age, date, and department.Β 

  • Reports: No need to download data and edit the excel sheets anymore. You can customize and generate the reports with all the MS excel actions in the application itself.Β Fuels your productivity by significantly reducing the workload of visualizing employee information, generating reports, etc.

  • Database: With Analytics Hub, you have a centralized location for all the employee information and insights.

  • Customized charts and tables: The hub provides you with an option to create customized charts and pivot tables with numerous permutations and combinations of employee data.

You can perform the following actions on the Analytics Hub page:

  1. View employee information.

  2. Manage employee information.

  3. Export employee information.

To view the Analytics Hub page, click Employee > Main > Analytics Hub.

View employee information

You can view the employee information using the following methods:

  • Using templates - To view the employee information grouped under various templates, perform the following actions:

    1. On the Analytics Hub page, in the Recent section, click View All. A list of folders appears.Β 

    2. Select the required folder. A list of relevant templates appears.Β 

    3. Click the required template. The page redirects to the Analytics Hub page and displays the information as a table.


      • You can add a new folder in the templates section using the Add Folder option. You can move or clone an existing template inside the newly created folder.

      • You can edit/clone/move the template using the Edit/Clone/Hamburger icons available on the required template. You can also mark a template as your favorite using the Star icon available beside each template.

  • Using search option - To view the information of an individual employee, perform the following actions:

    1. On the Analytics Hub page, in the Search search box, enter the employee name or number.

    2. Under the Emp Name column, click on the employee name. The page redirects to the Employee Profile page with the detailed information of the selected employee.

Manage employee information

You can manage the employee information using the following methods:

  • Sort columns: The default sort order is set as employee ID in ascending order. You can change the sort order by simply clicking the column header.
    Note: The Emp ID and Emp Name columns are frozen by default. You can add and remove the rest of the columns as per your requirements using the Columns and Filters options.Β 

  • Drag & drop columns: Click the required column header to drag & drop a column and change its order.Β 

  • Remove columns: Click the required column and drag it outside to remove the column.

  • Pin columns: Click the Hamburger (≑) icon available on each column header to pin the column to the right or left side of the view. Click Pin Column to freeze a column.

  • Autosize/Reset columns: Click the Hamburger (≑) icon available on each column header to auto resize the columns. Select Autosize This Column or Autosize All Columns as per your requirements. You can also select Reset Columns to their default settings.Β 

  • Filters: You can limit your search using the Filters option and select the checkboxes as per your preferences. Click the Bento (⁝⁝⁝) icon to toggle the visibility of a column.

  • Group columns: You can group the required columns by performing the following actions:

    1. Click the Columns option on the right side of the view. A list of all the columns appears.Β 

    2. Select the required checkboxes to add/remove the columns from the table.

    3. Click the Bento (⁝⁝⁝) icon available next to each column name. Drag and drop the selected column to the Row Groups or Column Labels section. The selected columns are grouped accordingly in the grid.

  • Pivot mode: Click the Columns option on the right side of the view and enable the Pivot Mode to view the grouped columns in the pivot mode.
    For example - You can drag & drop the Location field into the Column Labels section to view the gender based on locations.

Export employee information

To export employees' information, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Analytics Hub page, click the Export to Excel icon. The report downloads in excel format.

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