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Import bulk data using Excel Import

Updated inย November- 2023 |ย Subscribe to watch greytHR how-to video

Excel import refers to the ability to import data from an Excel sheet into payroll software. The feature allows employers to transfer large amounts of data, such as employee information or payroll data, quickly and easily, without having to manually enter the data into the software.

The Excel Import page in the greytHR Admin portal allows you to upload data in bulk using various Excel sheets. You can upload various information such as employee information, holiday list, arrears details, IT declaration, final settlement details, and bulk salary overrides using the Excel Import feature. The page displays a list of Excels you have already imported in the past. Along with the name of the Excel file, the page shares information such as importer Type, Status, and Import Log.

To view the Excel Import page, click Employee > Admin > Excel Import.

Import data using import excel

To import bulk data into the greytHR database, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Excel Import page, click Import From Excel. A form appears.

  2. Under Step 1: Excel Importer, from the Importer Type dropdown list, select an appropriate data importer.

  3. Clickย Download a sample file. An Excel file downloads into your system.

  4. Open the saved Excel file, fill in the details you want to upload, and delete the blank columns.ย Saveย andย Closeย the Excel Importer file.

  5. Underย Step 1:ย Excel Importer, clickย Upload Fileย and select the file from your computer to upload.

  6. Clickย Next. Step 2:ย Excel Importer Mapping section appears.

  7. Underย Step 2:ย Excel Importer Mapping, map the fields from Excel to the application terms, if required. To map a field, select the corresponding field under theย Mapped Toย column.
    Note: This step is mandatory if you have changed the format of the Excel file.

  8. Clickย Next. Step 3:ย Excel Importer Validate section appears.

  9. Clickย Nextย to import the required data in bulk.

  10. Clickย Okย to complete the process.

Note: You can also delete an imported Excel using the Delete icon available next to the uploaded file on the Excel Import page.

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