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Add an Employee in Employee Directory

Updated in March- 2024 |Β Subscribe to watch greytHR how-to video

An employee directory is an important tool for managing and organizing employee data in a company. It is a feature that provides a centralized location to store and manage employee information. It is typically a secure, web-based platform where employers can access employee contact details, job titles, departments, and other relevant information.

The Employee Directory page in the greytHR Admin portal provides you with a list of all current and past employees, the option to add details of an employee, and generate a report.
You can further customize the list of employees as per your requirements using the Category, Employment Status, and Employee Filter dropdown filters.

To view the Employee Directory page, click Employee > Main > Employee Directory.

You can perform the following actions on the Employee Directory page:

  1. Add details of a new employee.

  2. Export employees' details.

Add details of a new employee

Before adding an employee to the database, you must first perform the rehire check of the employee.

If the employee is a new hire, perform the following actions to add the employee to the database:

  1. On the Employee Directory page, click Add Employee.
    Alternatively, you can click the Search Actions search box and select Add Employee.

  2. Under Step 1: Basic Information section, enter the basic details of the employee.
    We recommend filling in as many details as possible while adding the employee. If not, do not worry; you can always add them later.

  3. Select Allow the employee to fill in their information check box to allow the employee to fill in their information during onboarding.

  4. Click Next. Step 2: Employee Position form opens.

  5. Under the Employee Position section, add the employee details such as Designation, Department, Grade, Location, and Attendance Scheme.

  6. Click Next. Step 3: PF, ESI & LWF form opens.

  7. Under the PF, ESI & LWF sections, enter the PAN Number, PF Number, and UAN Number. Ensure to select the Include LWF checkbox to add the LWF details.

  8. Click Next. Step 4: Payment Mode form opens.

  9. Under the Payment Mode section, select the appropriate payment method.

  10. Click Finish to complete adding a new employee.

    Note: Before you finish, you can revisit the previous steps. If you click Cancel, then you will lose unsaved changes.

  11. Click Close in the summary message to confirm adding an employee, or click Add Another Employee to add another new employee.Β 

Export employees' details

To export employees' details, perform the following actions:

  1. On the Employee Directory page, use the Category, Employment Status, Employee Filter, and Employee filters to customize the list of employees.

  2. Click the Export to Excel button to generate the report in Excel format.

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